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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thought Leaders Discuss Strategies To Overcome Customer Experience Challenges

It is not often that you get top executives in customer engagement, marketing, and consumer privacy together. And, it’s even rarer to get these busy execs to sit down and share their thoughts and opinions on the challenges facing marketers today.

But, that’s what happened recently, and I am pleased to share their insights with you.

Best of all, if you attend the Customer Experience Marketing Summit in September (www.cemsummit2012.com), you will have the pleasure of hearing thought leaders like these in person! In particular, Phil Grudzinski of PACE will speak at the CEM Summit about the best practices for engaging your customers and Dale Renner of RedPoint will discuss how to leverage big data to optimize the customer experience.

Enjoy these videos!

About the Author: 
Scott Frey is the CEO of PossibleNOW and CompliancePoint. Scott leads the strategic mission to maintain its leadership position in global direct marketing compliance by closely monitoring changes in consumer privacy legislation, industry trends, and delivering innovative products and services to meet client’s needs.
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