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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Responsys Interact – A Vendor's View

After three days in San Francisco at Responsys Interact 2013, the PossibleNOW team was walking with a little pep in their step. What a great event!
As a first time attendee and a first time sponsor, it was an exciting place to be. Never have I felt such a warm welcome from so many members of a partner organization. It was nice to be so welcomed and appreciated, and greeted with a smile during every new conversation.
Marketing is changing. We know it, and so do the folks at Responsys. With our strategic partnership recently announced, we were excited to support the conference and officially unveil our joint offering, Interact Preference, which is centered on consumer preference management.
Interact Preference caused quite a stir among all those in attendance. It goes to show that the marketplace is ready to embrace the need to honor the consumers’ preferences in their communications, regardless of channel. While email was a big focus of the event, other communication channels were brought to light and the ability to manage content and frequency preferences across all channels brought a new and exciting vision to the keynote demonstration on opening day.
PossibleNOW has been focused on preference management for over 13 years, and the payoff for that hard work is found in the opportunity to partner with such an innovative and reputable organization as Responsys. This is just the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship, and Interact 2013 served as proof.
But it wasn’t all “work” – we won’t soon forget about how much fun we had at the event: networking opportunities, breakout sessions full of rich content, top tier keynote speakers, a concert with Michael Franti, and a lot of great support for the nonprofit organization Charity:Water.
The PossibleNOW team was impressed every step of the way and is looking forward to Responsys Interact in London and to attending Responsys Interact 2014 next year.


About the Author: 
Guy Caldwell is an Enterprise Account Executive at PossibleNOW.

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