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Friday, June 28, 2013

You're Doing Customer Experience Innovation Wrong

In a recent Forrester survey a whopping 73% of interviewees say they plan to launch innovative customer experiences in the upcoming year — and two-thirds believe that they already have. At the same time, only 8% of the companies received a top grade from their customers according to the 2013 Forrester's Customer Experience Index.
That is a huge disparity!

In her article for the Harvard Business Review Blog, Kerry Bodine for Forrester Research, makes a lot of good points. They all start — and no surprise here — at the core: "Know your customer." Based on that she suggests that companies need to: 
  1. Reframe innovation opportunities
  2. Ground innovations in the business model
  3. Infuse innovations with the brand

PossibleNOW understands this challenge. We help our customers to better know their customers. 

Companies using MyPreferences® can easily ask their customers for their preferences. It gives companies the tools necessary to gain valuable insight into their wishes, their behaviors and then enables them to translate this knowledge into actions; 1-to-1 marketing, new products and innovative services. 

Learn more about MyPreferences and schedule your free consultation by calling (800) 585 4888 or email info@possiblenow.com.

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