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Thursday, July 18, 2013

The 6 steps to multi-channel customer experience success

Below is an excerpt from an article written by Catriona Wallace outlining the necessary steps to a multi-channel customer experience.

The introduction of a multi-channel strategy may initially appear dauntingly complex as it potentially incorporates seven categories of channel: face-to-face, call centre, online, social media, mobile apps, correspondence and video.

But it is something that almost every consumer services organisation will need to address in the next 12 months. The consumer’s desire to interact with suppliers across a range of channels is not going to abate and companies that cannot respond to this need for multi-channel convenience risk being left behind.

To avoid being overwhelmed by the challenge, organisations going down the multi-channel path will find it much easier if they spend time upfront working out their customer’s needs, expectations and requirements and the resources and capabilities the organisation has to develop such a strategy. By documenting it all in an overarching strategy, organisations will find the path to multi-channel customer experience delivery becomes much clearer, and they will increase their ability to achieve, profitable as well as high customer engagement interactions.

Read the complete article http://www.dynamicbusiness.com.au/blogs/the-6-steps-to-multi-channel-customer-experience-success-11042013.html

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  1. Nicely stated points and What I think is that customer retains with an organization on one condition that is if they get good customer experience and this is possible if the employees of an organization treats their customers in a better way which can be possible though management software which allows to retrieve the important information about a customer quickly if that customer appears and if you are addressing a customer with his or her name then it give a better impression of your organization.