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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hit the Marketing Nail on the Head

Here’s Scott Olrich, President of Marketing and Platform at our partner, Responsys, talking about reaching the "always-addressable consumer" with the right message at the right time:

We filmed this (and many more) at our CEM Summit in September. It struck me at the time not only as a marketer but also as a consumer. I had just completed a basement renovation project that began with the obligatory trip to the hardware store.

One of the associates helped me select the right nail guns, air compressor and table saw. I checked out and went home to begin work.

Just a few short years ago, my departure that day would have been the end of my interaction with the store. Today, in the age of the always-addressable consumer, it’s really just the beginning.

Over the course of my project I continued to get emails from that hardware store about everything from outdoor garden to appliances and lighting. The problem was I had no interest in 95 percent of the information they sent me. I eventually opted out.

The deluge of useless emails came to mind when I heard Scott talk about customer sensitivity to pointless interaction. The hardware store missed a big opportunity to sell me more products (laser level!) because they failed to target their messages to me based on my primary interest.

Scott's right. The always-addressable consumer will only reward companies that understand the responsibility that comes with increased access.

Eric Tejeda is the Director of Product Marketing for PossibleNOW and CompliancePoint. Eric supports the organization’s growth objectives by productizing and launching innovative new products and services that fill critical needs in the marketplace. 

With 25 years of experience, Eric firmly believes that permission-based marketing and preference management is a mega trend and the path to success for marketers today. 

Follow me on Twitter: @EricTejeda | Connect on LinkedIn: Eric Tejeda http://www.cemsummit2013.com

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