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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Webinar: Eric Holtzclaw on Benchmarking Your Customer Maturity Level

As CMOs seek to deepen customer engagement and leverage new tools for feedback and personalization, they often face a troubling question: how are we doing? Lacking the benchmarking tools to understand their position, they struggle through budget battles and wonder about competition and relevancy in an increasingly crowded marketplace. 

With this dilemma in mind, PossibleNOW Chief Strategist Eric Holtzclaw has introduced a new benchmarking methodology designed to create clarity and transparency around customer engagement. He spoke about this in a recent webinar available for viewing here.

Viewers can expect to:
  • Gain insight into the ways companies should adjust their communication efforts to meet the changing needs and expectations of their customers.
  • Learn why it’s important to move away from silos that create a fractured and limited understanding of customers.
  • Determine if your company is missing the mark when it comes to creating a customer-centric experience.
Throughout this webinar, data, trends and studies are shared and explained to illustrate the pivot that companies have made from technology-enabled relationship management to preference-informed management.

Not sure how you measure up? View the webinar today and start the discovery process. 

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About the Author: 
Eric V. Holtzclaw is Chief Strategist of PossibleNOW. He's a researcher, writer, serial entrepreneur and challenger-of-conventional wisdom. His book with Wiley Publishing on consumer behavior - Laddering: Unlocking the Potential of Consumer Behavior - hits bookstores this summer. Eric leads the professional services organization to strategically guide companies on the implementation of enterprise-wide preference management solutions.

Follow me on Twitter: @eholtzclaw | Connect on LinkedIn: Eric Holtzclaw

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