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Friday, October 10, 2014

ICYMI: Preferences, Privacy and Personalization in the News

Regardless of the industry, consumers have come to expect a high level of customer service. To accommodate this, many brands have implemented new technology to improve customer interactions across all touch points. Unfortunately, some brands are forgetting to look how their internal systems synch up with adopted technology. For customers to reap the benefits of new technology, brands must break down information silos and update their own internal architecture. Click here for full story.

Many brands are focusing their marketing efforts on tailoring the customer experience and meeting the needs and preferences of their customers. To be successful, it’s important that marketers ask themselves several questions about their customers: Do you know your customer? Do you know where they are in their journey? Do you have a strategy to help move customers along in their journey? Are you able to measure your ROI? Click here for full story.

Chat as a customer engagement channel is being embraced by consumers of all demographics. Less painful than a phone call, chat sessions offer consumers instant gratification and have been reported to increase overall customer satisfaction. For companies looking for alternatives to call centers, chat sessions are a powerful tool that decreases the operational costs of serving customers while also positively influencing top line revenue. Click here for full story.

In an effort to separate themselves from their competitors, TD Bank recently went above and beyond to connect with their customers by transforming their ATM machines (automated teller machines) to ATM machines (automated thanking machines). Football tickets? Flowers? All-expense paid trips? TD Bank customers were shocked to receive such spontaneous gifts of appreciation. In a video that captures their customers’ heartfelt responses, TD Bank has proved that offering exceptional customer service can pay off. Click here for video.

To create a great marketing experience for today’s consumer, we must personalize their experience across all touch points. What’s the best way to do this? First, we must leverage the data we have and use it to better tailor our customers’ experiences. Second, we must allow our customers to personalize their own experiences by creating a platform that allows them to indicate their preferences. Lastly, once you begin to understand your customers’ preferences, you must work to anticipate their future needs and responses. Click here for full story. 

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