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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

New Preference Management Data Visualization Tools

I'm pleased to announce that the MyPreferences® suite now includes new report customization options and graphical data displays. The custom MyPreferences report options are delivered through a partnership with Domo, a cloud-based executive management platform.

Moving forward, MyPreferences reporting will still offer its four standard data points:

  • New Opt-ins (by day/week by program by channel)
  • New Opt-outs (by day/week by program by channel)
  • Opt-ins that changed to Opt-outs (by day/week by program by channel)
  • Opt-outs that changed to Opt-ins (by day/week by program by channel)
With the new enhancements unveiled today, MyPreferences users will be able to access custom reports based on their specific requirements, add third-party data to regular reporting and see reports in easy-to-understand data visualization formats. The new reporting tool also allows users to view MyPreferences reports on any device - desktop, tablet or smartphone.

To learn more about our new reporting options, contact info@possiblenow.com.

About the Author: 
Robert Galop is the Senior Director of Product Architecture for PossibleNOW.

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